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Our community

Our purpose


Luxury craftsmanship

Our sneakers blend Georgian heritage and luxury shoemaking, made in Italy and Portugal with finest materials. Each pair represents a cultural fusion that exudes timeless elegance and unmatched quality, delivering a sophisticated and unique experience.

Inspire freedom

We cherish both freedom and our heritage, and by artfully blending these elements, each design includes the unique Georgian script - “Freedom”, coming from the Georgian words for “myself” and “lord”, and reminding us that we are masters of our own destiny.


Design philosophy

Our design is inspired by the striking natural beauty of Georgia, embodying simplicity and boldness in equal measure. Each creation represents our unique vision, resulting in an exquisite aesthetic that speaks to those who appreciate beauty in its truest form.

In the Press

“CROSTY, the brand beloved by celebrities such as Sofia Richie, Stephen Curry, Lilly Singh, and D’Angelo Russel, has made its way to the United States.”

“Freedom is a concept that is not only part of CROSTY’s mission and story, but the word is inscribed on almost every pair of the brand’s shoes”

“Each product in CROSTY's arsenal serves the purpose of filling the position of a premium quality essential with no sacrifice on accessible style.”

“Although classic sneaker styles will maintain their well-deserved street cred for years to come, one can't help but yearn for a bit of originality. That is where the CROSTY comes in.”

“We couldn’t believe how soft the leather was the first time we picked up a pair of CROSTY sneakers. We were truly enamored.”

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